Landlocked Shark

Landlocked Shark

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Leonidas By Leonidas_son_of_Nike Updated Aug 04, 2015

Landlocked Shark [PJO/Avengers]

They call him Thresher, like the shark. There are many reasons for this. Some say it's because of his brutal hunting style and no mercy policy. Others say it's his swordplay; reminiscent of a thresher shark's brutal tail. Everyone does agree on one thing: his affinity for water and the superhuman powers he gets from it. Rising quickly to the rank of Admiral of the Shark Pack, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s elite navy, Thresher answers only to Director Fury. One day, that may come to bite this shark in the tail.

Percy Jackson has survived two wars. Working alongside Fury' s personal team of superheroes, he now must stop another from happening.

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Snarza Snarza Jun 21, 2017
I'm sorry, not really, but I did not read that nor am I planning on remembering it
Why does everyone hate Annabeth? She’s awesome and so is Percabeth.
StarWarsMao StarWarsMao May 31, 2016
Lemon + Angel + Megalodon = .....I don't wanna think about it
kathlean0295 kathlean0295 Sep 07, 2016
Me: *re-reads* ok it's bucky.
                              Book: *implys that it's percy*
                              Me: DAFUK PERCY Y U COPYIN BUCKY BRUH ERMEGURD BRUHHHHHH!!!!
percabeth13579 percabeth13579 Jan 10, 2017
i clicked on the plus one more on the characters examples and I was just like 😐😒😭 because guess who I saw the one the only Zoe Nightshade or at least I think that is who it meant seeing as it said zoe 💔💔🖤🖤💘:(
Jay_Songz99 Jay_Songz99 Oct 27, 2016
I hate Blackbeard. 
                              I hated him even more when Ace from One Piece was killed and it was all Blackbeard's fault.