Yukie And Her Knights

Yukie And Her Knights

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honey By hanatewakusho Completed

What will happen to Nishima Yukie's peaceful life when her bestfriend suddenly died? Then, she found him somehow alive? Claiming himself to be a knight of the war goddess.

The more shocking news is, the 10 years old Nishima Yukie is the reincarnation of the late War Goddess. Does that even make sense? She have the power to slow down time, and many more magic she yet to discover. Can she do it? Can she be the greatest War Goddess ever exist? 

The story revolve around Nishima Yukie and her six extremely-handsome kinghts. Laughter, love, hate and grudge.

  • action
  • bladework
  • diary
  • family
  • fantasy
  • goddess
  • kingdom
  • knights
  • magic
  • romance
Nurauniaqilah_ Nurauniaqilah_ May 30, 2016
Guess what. Capt ni aq bace skip² bab aq still ingat. Taun lpas aq ade bace😍