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Silas Sister(Book 1)

Silas Sister(Book 1)

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kaitlyn By kaitlynadkins568 Completed

Alice is a hybrid of all supernatural creatures. She's been alive since before the Mikaelsons ever existed. She was turned into a vampire the same way the Mikaelsons were. Back when she was only part witch and part werewolf her 'brother' stabbed her with a knife laced with the immortality potion on it. When she heard of a witch trying to turn her kids into vampires she went and asked her to turn her first. She than became part Witch, part Werewolf, and part vampire. After word got around about her people started calling her the Ultimate Hybrid.

casualgirlinblack casualgirlinblack Aug 11, 2016
You people don't get it, no offence, she was already part witch and werewolf, Kay and then she was stabbed with the sword laced with the immortal potion by Silas, 1000 years later she heard of Esther trying to turn her children into vampires so she asked to be turned first.
mycrazyfandom mycrazyfandom Oct 18, 2016
@casualgirlinblack yeah but she wasnt immortal how could she survive 1000 years without beging a Vampire
krenfrogg2 krenfrogg2 Feb 15, 2016
Silas was made by a witch 1000 years before the originals and Esther wasn't even alive yet not to be rude
remember_stilinski remember_stilinski Jun 27, 2016
Umm it doesn't really make sense how she is 2,000 years old and was turned a week before the originals because they are only 1,000 if I am correct
kaitlynadkins568 kaitlynadkins568 Apr 02, 2015
@tattooednerd thanks for the comment I hoped I fixed it so it is better to understand.
tattooednerd tattooednerd Feb 24, 2015
if she's Silas' sister then she's 1000 years older than Klaus how is she alive to be turned into a vampire by their mother?