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Dimon By x_caster Updated Aug 19, 2018

Four empires united by a powerful authority known as the "Magic Council", has reigned over the four corners of the earth for nearly a century. East, West, North, and South. These four empires are formally known as... "The Compass of Casters."

The Compass controls the rotation of the earth and keeps peace and balance throughout the world. However, there's one empire that is feared greatly by both humans and casters, an empire that reigns over the eastern lands titled, "The Sacrificial Casters" or "Saki's". When a bloodline of this empire obtains the title of full-fledged Caster; normally called True-Caster, they've exceeded the boundaries of magic and can use it without the use of "Monarian" language. There is a catch however. In order to obtain the title of True-Caster, a person of equal blood must be slain. Thus, aiming to obtain that title in the Saki Empire has been forbidden by the magic council. Those who had tried to obtain it after the law was set in place, were mercilessly executed.

Our story begins with the birth of a baby, one that carries the blood of a Saki and became full-fledged at it's birth.

Created by: Dimonlee Moore (@x_caster)
Cover by: K. Weikel (@renesmeewolfe)