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Tomboy (Complete)

Tomboy (Complete)

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iDiya By PurplePuff Completed

Leslie Lopez is a tomboy, and she doesn't do anything to hide it. Due to her ways of dressing and acting, she is often called a lesbian by her schoolmates even though it's not the case. The ironic bullies finds that Mason, the school's rich bad boy, is paying a little too much attention to Leslie and threatens her to stay away from him. Leslie, being a rebel, goes against what she is told to do and causes more problems in her life. 

Will mason's popularity and good looks be enough to drive away all the bullies from Leslie? Read as Mason stands up for Leslie even though the two's relationship can be described as the one of Tom and Jerry. 

Will their relationship turn from love-hate to love-love or will be always be the same? 

(I don't know, well I do know... But you gotta read to find out.)


"What's this hoe doing here? First Chris and when he left, Mason? Wow bitch, wow. But I hope you know that you don't have a chance here, fucking whore." Brenda said in a valley girl accent, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Don't say shit like that about her! Why are you always a fucking bitch" Mason said to Brenda.

Hold up, did he just stand up for me? Ok... This is not usual.

"Mason.. Are you talking to me like that? You know Brenda doesn't take an insult from anyone right? Right. So tell your little bitch to fuck off before you lose me" Brenda said to Mason.

"Does anyone here have some popcorn?" I asked looking around.

"Buh bye!" Mason said smirking and waving goodbye to Brenda.


I'm known as "the girl upon the boys", but I reality, I just really love sports.
I thought she was going to be one of those cliche rebels that dont give a shiz about anything and would be a down right bish when in situations like these
cass_mass_ cass_mass_ Jan 03
I feel like theyre gonna fall in love...and I think they should
99CentDream 99CentDream Aug 07, 2016
                              LESBIAN POWER BITCHES!
                              GIVE MY FIST A KISS ASSHAT!
LonelybigCock_ LonelybigCock_ Dec 10, 2016
In my life I know a Mason and he is really sweet and I have a huge crush on him but he is my best friend...
Frostmycookies Frostmycookies Jun 06, 2016
Honestly though? 
                              Like my face hurts if I smile for too long so how do they do it??