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Leslie Lopez is a tomboy, and she doesn't do anything to hide it. Due to her ways of dressing and behaving, she is often called a lesbian by her schoolmates even though it's not the case. The ironic bullies finds that Mason, the school's rich bad boy, is paying a little too much attention to Leslie and threatens her to stay away from him. Leslie, being a rebel, goes against what she is told to do and causes more problems in her life. 

Will mason's popularity and good looks be enough to drive away all the bullies and rescue Leslie? Read as Mason stands up for Leslie even though the two's relationship can be described as the one of Tom and Jerry. 

Will their relationship turn from love-hate to love-love or will always be the same? 

(I don't know, well I do know... But you gotta read to find out.)


"Hey... Um... Why do they think I like girls?" I asked him out of the blue which caused his head to snap towards me.

"Do I have to answer it?" He said looking back down to continue scribbling with a pen on the hard cover of his textbook.

"Yes, you must," I said looking at him for a split second before turning back to look at my book again.

"Boohoo, I'm scared," he said forming fists with his hands and putting it under his chin making a puppy face.

We get it, you're trying to be cute.

"Honestly, I think it's because of the way you dress, the way you behave, and you hate boys so that doesn't help when you're trying to prove that you're straight" he smirked.

"That's what makes me a lesbian, really? Are they dumb? That makes me a tomboy, not a lesbian," I said.

"You mean a tomgirl?" He tried to correct me.

"No, a tomboy," I repeated.


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tracyfan1121 tracyfan1121 Dec 12, 2017
Why did you have to mention tests. I have a test for AP Government tomorrow and I’m busy reading wattpad instead.
fangirlfears fangirlfears May 13, 2017
I'm known as "the girl upon the boys", but I reality, I just really love sports.
GaleIsMyLife GaleIsMyLife Nov 04, 2017
Most of my friends are boys, they joke around about me being a man in disguise
JuliaLazo8 JuliaLazo8 Dec 25, 2017
mason a lil bitch but i suppose they’re gonna fall in love?
mysterywriter75 mysterywriter75 Jul 15, 2017
God bullying...I think I might snap a neck or pop someone's implants😡😲
Allot of my friends are boys, they get annoyingly funny by telling me I'm a guy in disguies and I hit them then they tell me I punch like a man and fight like a man because I dont pull hair and slapin fights I punch, kick, cuse, knee, elbow, and ect.