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Jake By wildthing21 Updated May 10

She's losing her mind but sometimes it's worth it if it means he's touching her.


His hand drags up my thigh and my lips part. I can hardly look at him but I know there's a slight tilt of his lips. He moves further up and I have to stifle a moan, only letting a little gasp escape.

"You're such a good girl, aren't you?" He coos as he leans to my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my body. "You can tell me to stop, Fiona," he whispers, and I should - I should tell him to stop, but I can't find my voice, even when his fingers skim the lace just under my skirt and he knows this, doesn't he? He knows I can't speak. 

His fingers move dangerously and expertly, my eyes are fluttering close, my head is falling back and I'm coming undone within moments and then he's gone.

I don't even notice his departure until he's just outside the bus window, looking at me through the glass. My heartbeat speeds up more than it already is when he brings his fingers to his lips, dropping a wink as the bus retreats from it's stop, leaving him behind in the night. 

After a moment, I wonder if he had ever actually been in the bus in the first place.

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ChefBoiYardeeLa ChefBoiYardeeLa Oct 18, 2017
Yasssss I feel no shame about my live for this story (get it cuz, shameless reference, "I feel no shame" mkay nvm)
CinderStar31 CinderStar31 Oct 29, 2017
Ok wow I was shipping them and thought they should get together again but nevermind
AddictedToTheDevil AddictedToTheDevil Apr 14, 2017
It's supposed to be 'what are those?' Where is the question sign?
PerksofbeingAmy_ PerksofbeingAmy_ Jan 27, 2017
Love how the characters have some of the names from Shameless! I love it already.
IamSavagery IamSavagery Jan 25, 2017
Sooo, is he the nigga who like captures her and like makes her drive off a cliff!?
punktuations punktuations Sep 10, 2016
Ah fúck, I'm imagining William as Jai. Nope, once in the Jai-fandom, there is no going back. It doesn't fúcking help that Will's description sounds like Jai, except the long hair thing.
                              Fúck, I'm in this fandom so fúcking deeeepppp.
                              Yep, I'm rereading this because I can.