Teach me

Teach me

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_TrillQueen By _TrillQueen Updated May 04, 2015

I shook my head " there's no right or wrong when it comes to defending your self "

" But I don't know how "

" Everybody knows how "

" Not me " she argued.

" Simple,don't show them fear "

" Well uh can you uh-"

" What girl damn? " I snapped.

"Teach me"


True. He got common sense unlike others. Its him and Kendrick Lamar
😂my keys💀💀💀 you mean her keys you ain't buy that mf😂😂
Thehippzy Thehippzy Apr 22
I dont get why he asked why she being bullied but he kinda being mean to her in her own crib.
zynationn1 zynationn1 Jul 08
I love when My nigga call me ma,love,luh baby,sweetheart, idk why I just love it any other get cussed tf out ready to cry to they mommas
Kwean_TK Kwean_TK Mar 21
"Give me one good reason"
                              "I can give you two"
                               "you aint cute...&& YOU DRANK ALL MY SODA"
goddessxoxo goddessxoxo Nov 23
Ummmmmmm excuse me when tf did u get my fathers name cause I don't remember 😪💯