Teach me

Teach me

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_TrillQueen By _TrillQueen Updated May 04, 2015

I shook my head " there's no right or wrong when it comes to defending your self "

" But I don't know how "

" Everybody knows how "

" Not me " she argued.

" Simple,don't show them fear "

" Well uh can you uh-"

" What girl damn? " I snapped.

"Teach me"


Glorious_Kaykay Glorious_Kaykay Jun 19, 2016
😂my keys💀💀💀 you mean her keys you ain't buy that mf😂😂
Thehippzy Thehippzy Apr 22, 2016
I dont get why he asked why she being bullied but he kinda being mean to her in her own crib.
sierraxvo sierraxvo Jan 15
this nigga said my keys gtf 
                              it's her keys 
                              ur name not on them insurance papers lmfao
Kwean_TK Kwean_TK Mar 21, 2016
"Give me one good reason"
                              "I can give you two"
                               "you aint cute...&& YOU DRANK ALL MY SODA"
Regenexx Regenexx 16 hours ago
2nd time b/c for some reason I finished but didn't know there was sequel so I'm starting over💀💀💀
goddessxoxo goddessxoxo Nov 23, 2016
Ummmmmmm excuse me when tf did u get my fathers name cause I don't remember 😪💯