So you think you know me? just wait and see.

So you think you know me? just wait and see.

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Katelyn is a typical nerd, smart, loves to read and write however all is not as it seems. Katelyn also loves motercycles, tattoos and video games. She is also the Alpha’s daughter, and he is the alpha of the strongest pack in the world.

Mark is a typical cocky, jock, player. He loves playing football and women. He is also an alpha’s son and he uses his power and good looks to attract women. Mark does not want to find his mate however if he did he would want a hot model with no brains and big boobs. What happens when he finds out his mate is a nerd? He rejects her of course! He is a hot alpha’s son! He cannot be seen with a mate that is a short nerd! Her reaction to his rejection is not what he expects and when he slowly starts to see who she really is will he regret rejecting her?

If he does, will she even accept him or will it be too late?

A rogue is also in the mix. He has plans to steal what's not his, to take revenge on the pack that failed him. 

Will the rogue's plans succeed or will he fail?

  • alpha
  • jock
  • katelyn
  • mark
  • mate
  • nerd
  • pack
  • rejected
  • rejection
  • revenge
  • rogue
  • romance
  • werewolf
MariaManuele1967 MariaManuele1967 Nov 11, 2017
Pls don't let the rouges succeeded kidnapping her make her have powers and stuff like that.
riri2001 riri2001 Jun 11, 2017
Everyone is commenting on his height but seriously.....
                              Jock one and Jock two???😂😂😂😂😂
thatgayviolinist thatgayviolinist May 16, 2017
A girl that finally shows a man that he is not worth crying over
blvckwidxw blvckwidxw Aug 08, 2016
Do u KNOW how long I waited and how many books I read until I I saw my name as one of the characters!!!!!!!!!!
IAmJustTooDamnWeird IAmJustTooDamnWeird Jul 09, 2016
I really want his reaction when he knows that she will be the alpha female
CrazyRobvi CrazyRobvi May 30, 2016
She spoke so much truth when she said "Sorry I don't s I that" gave me my life