Open opportunities

Open opportunities

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Brent is my bby. By alexcia13 Completed

A lonley widow, Tameka Banks is struggling to make ends meet. With a daughter to take care of, and rent to pay, she knows time is ticking. She's hoping this new secretarial job  will come with new opportunities, little does she know it'll open more doors than she thought.

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PhyQuelle PhyQuelle 4 days ago
That first sentence is currently me 😩 i hate job searching
Natural_Swirl Natural_Swirl Jul 08, 2017
Hahaha and people say America is the greatest country on earth. Since when?
JaiGod JaiGod Oct 18, 2017
I read areola 🤦🏽‍♂️i was like why she name her child nipples😂
AddictingLife AddictingLife Jun 23, 2016
I'm just so glad that this is not cliche. That her moms is a crackhead and she had to fend for herself.
SunnyMaverick SunnyMaverick Dec 30, 2016
I'm skeptical to read, cause of the Morris Chestnut cover. Ain't a big fan of his.
outoforder1234 outoforder1234 Feb 11, 2016
Oh my god! I started reading this book on a previous account of mines maybe a year or two ago..  So when I made this I couldn't remember the name of this book for the life of me.. BUT! I found it. Now I'm happy once more 💃💃