Blind Percy Jackson with the Avengers {No Gods/Greek Mythology}  *Completed*

Blind Percy Jackson with the Avengers {No Gods/Greek Mythology} *Completed*

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First off-NO GODS
Percy Jackson is a blind 8 year old with a eye-seeing dog named Jack, he always remembered it for his last name is Jackson. One day Jack chases a man with a gun and Percy is to scared to move. He was standing there shouting for Jack when some people ran into him. The people were the Avengers, a group of super hero's. They bring Percy back to the tower for it was 10 P.M. What will happen to Percy with the Avengers. Will Steve find something hidden secret Percy was hiding? Find

frostedbite frostedbite Feb 01
How are you dyslexic if you are blind? I am beyond confused.
Supervillan0lover333 Supervillan0lover333 Dec 07, 2016
How do you know you have dylexia if your blind? unless you weren't born blind
aliy123 aliy123 Aug 30, 2016
People who are blind DO NOT have dyslexia, their might have trouble reading Braille but are not dyslexic!
Exiolet Exiolet Dec 30, 2016
I just remembered that Jack is the name of the family dog in the Little House on the Prairie series.
ShatteringThe4thWall ShatteringThe4thWall Nov 24, 2016
You know how you look even though you can't see yourself in the mirror. . . cool, I guess. . .