Blue Helped Me Survive                   ~Book Four of the Color Series~

Blue Helped Me Survive ~Book Four of the Color Series~

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Our favorite leader is feeling lonely. His brother's are worried since he spends most of his time alone. His past has left him without the ability to trust. But one night while patrolling the sewers by himself he hears a scuffle taking place above. Investigating he comes upon a young blue eyed girl. Slowly the fearless leader finds himself captivated by her. But  when an old enemy finds out it means trouble for the two of them.

Book 4 of 7
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What you got yourself into Leo? Well into a new perfect relationship Mr. Hero in Blue!
I think everyone asks themselves that question when in love.
*opens arms* come here Leo. I love you. *holds arms up for long time before slowly dropping them* right... this is just a fanfic, I shall never have my love returned ... *cries in corner*
You've got yourself into love! Not necessarily a bad thing y'know
Me: Scab?! Oh no!!!!
                              Leo: Umm....
                              Me: *faints*
                              Leo: *picks me up*
                              Me: *wakes up* Who are you?!
                              Leo: Its ok.
Annabethapril Annabethapril Jul 28, 2015
Oh I know what you got yourself into. I think we all do. *evil smile*