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I'm a mate to a freaking werewolf? Oh and i met him by punching his brother in the face...

I'm a mate to a freaking werewolf? Oh and i met him by punching his brother in the face...

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nightgirl347 Bởi nightgirl347 Đã cập nhật Aug 06, 2010

Jade Tiger is a 16 yera old girl with issues. She doesn't trust anyone, she has a big anger problem, she hates everyone, she hates being told what to do, jealousy issues, and she is over protective of her brothers. She get's into trouble alot because of these things. She gets into major trouble when she punches the IT boy in the face. She has no idea what ahe started by doing that.

Kayden James is an 18 year old werewolf. He is Alpha of his pack and has issues. They are like Jades. He has anger issues, jealousy issues, hates being told what to do, and is over protective. He looks out for his little 16 year old brother and his 5 year old little sister. He doesn't know what's going to happen when he gets mad over a girl punching his brother.

Delthalee Delthalee Mar 02, 2014
This is effing great. Who cares if there are a few small problems at least it's a great book
pvrislrh pvrislrh Feb 16, 2014
Its really good but I want to find out what happens next. I think you should change the title and make the werewolf more of a main character.
April2022 April2022 Mar 30, 2013
You shouldn't have to describe the characters in a page. Describe while writing so readers get a better idea such as myself. The title is too long. It's pretty much a giveaway to me try thing thinking of a better one.
JayzPF JayzPF Sep 09, 2012
Oooh, neighbors. I wonder... *waggles eyebrows mischievously at Jade*
DarkChickie DarkChickie Nov 27, 2011
This is pretty good but I personally think you should tone down the title
FairGuinevere FairGuinevere Feb 01, 2011
Sorry if it came on harsh. However saying good job has never helped anyone approve and I'm a big fan of honesty. Sorry if it offended you in anyway