The Rouge Omega

The Rouge Omega

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It's a secret ;) By btrlover79 Updated Mar 23

The Legend of the Rouge Omega

"It is said that there is an Omega living in the Rouge Forest. This omega is said to be 350 years old. Legend has it, that all those years ago this omega was like any normal wolf. There is rumor that this omega is a male. He taught himself how to defy all alphas except his mate when they soulbond. Legend goes that his father was the leader of the Doncaster pack and wanted him to mate with another alpha who was not his true mate. So he ran. He ran into the Cheshire pack territory and took refuge in the forest that he has marked as his own. He never went back into his human form again. As time went by, he became smarter, stronger, faster and had enhanced all his senses. No one dared to go in there for fear of being killed. Rumor had reached Cheshire that there was a rouge wolf on the loose. When they tried to capture him, he fought them off until they all submitted to the omega. They named the forest after him. After 100 years, the village gave up on trying to catch him and just let him be. Every night at midnight after they gave up, the omega howled. And has done that every night since."

"And that's the legend of the Rouge Omega," One of the campers said as he finished his drink, "Now lets get some sleep, it's getting late." As they moved around getting ready to sleep, I just sat at the boundary between Rouge Forest and the rest of the village. Once they went into their tents I got up and walked further into the forest until I reached the rock I was looking for. I climbed up until I was on the top and waited. Once it finally struck midnight, I stuck my head in the air and howled. I howled for exactly one minute and then retreated into my cave. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson. Or as most know me, "The Rouge Omega".

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Hey Beaut just wondering if you're going to update soon as I've noticed it's been a while. No pressure just wanna know if it on hold or anything :)