✔ super model [lirry] ✔

✔ super model [lirry] ✔

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Arooj x By AngelOfDeath1 Completed

❝Liam, today was the limit! I don't care what you say anymore, you are getting a bodyguard and that's final!❞ 

❝Simon I'm fi-❞ 

❝You could have fucking died Liam!❞ 

❝That's a little over-dramatic...❞ 

❝I don't care. You are getting that bodyguard and that's final. No arguments.❞ 


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by AngelOfDeath1

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reject_stylinson reject_stylinson Sep 03, 2015
i was about to freak out cos I was thinking Jensen Ackles but wasnt him
justabandfanhbu justabandfanhbu Mar 04, 2015
Loving harry already!!! XD I love this so  far can't wait for you to update!
zarryamor zarryamor Mar 02, 2015
Liam is a little snotty betch. Harry can put him in his place c; hehe. 
                              I love this, I'm excited. You're amazing, boo.
truant_Delilah_xx truant_Delilah_xx Mar 02, 2015
                              UPDATE SOON:-*:-*
xNo_Jimmy_Protestedx xNo_Jimmy_Protestedx Feb 25, 2015
Seems fine,  I'm no professional but I took a writing class and There's like one of two things that could've happened but It's fine. I'm excited
zarryamor zarryamor Feb 25, 2015
I'm super excited for this! I can't wait. Liam would make a fxcktastic Model. Unf. *drools*