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Lanceifer By lance8matt Updated 5 days ago

Four cuts
Four poems

I've decided to make more poems and add them on to here. They won't be very often but I hope you enjoy them.

Keep on keeping on

When I first hurt myself I was numb inside and I had carved 16 words into my arm. The words that my sister calls me a lot. Worthless ugly liar not important, stuff like that.
- - Mar 20, 2016
Its true. I stopped bc I got caught. No one knows the real reason why I did it.
JonnaSmiley JonnaSmiley Mar 02, 2016
I'mma cutter again but idk if I should talk to my therapists about it tomorrow or just leave it alone....... Some advice please?
kayleemonster kayleemonster Nov 18, 2015
I think I need help from someone who knows what I am going through. Can anyone help me?