Can Markson Be A Thing

Can Markson Be A Thing

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Jackson POV

Man, it's hot. Hong Kong was never this hot...or was it? Ugh, it's 6 AM, who has the energy to even think anymore. Why am I up so early, anyway? It's Sunday, I should still be sleeping.

I lethargically got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom with sleepy eyes to freshen up. I took a nice, warm shower. I got out and looked at my muscular arms and chocolate abs.

Damn, I'm sexy!

Haha, I'm so full of myself. Anyway, I should call Jr. and see if he's busy. Maybe we can go to the beach or something. 

I picked up my phone and called Jr.

"Hey, Jackson."

"Wassup! Wanna go to the beach and check out the ladies? Wink, wink!"

"Oh you are so thirsty. I'll pick you up in 20 minutes."

***At the beach***

"Ah it's been so long since I've been out here," I said stretching my arms.

"Same here. Oh look! There are some guys playing volleyball! Let's ask them if we can join!"

Jr. dragged me forcefully to the sporty 5 people who were playing.

"Hey, guys! I'm Jr. and this is my ...

erengaygerr erengaygerr Dec 31, 2016
I knew I was making a good choice when I chose Bambam as my bias
goneforeverbtches goneforeverbtches Nov 30, 2016
                              YOU LOVE BOYS
                              according, a bit, to some songs cough
Namjoonslegs Namjoonslegs Oct 27, 2016
Hey! if bambam hadn't tripped u, you wouldn't be laying on some sexy bitch
ultnamjoon ultnamjoon Dec 20, 2016
wow I've never heard those names in my entire life1!!1 what's a bambam?
the_author04 the_author04 Dec 15, 2016
Hey guys I wrote a jjp book. I haven't finish but I would love the support of my fellow igot7's. Fighting. 💗💗 btw love markson
-dazedking -dazedking Nov 12, 2016
ok I'm going to try and not flip s H i t on Jackson right now