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Devils Love

Devils Love

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Audrena By Audrena Updated Aug 06, 2016

"Why am I special?" I asked him. His body was pressed against my own making me hot. 
"You are my mate, my dear." My breathing stopped as I gazed into his eyes as he leaned in. He then caught my lips in a heated kiss.
what happens when the most innocent girl in the nieghborhood is the devils mate. Read and find out.

TWTChance TWTChance Dec 28, 2016
Well that wasn't creepy at all. No worries nurses and doctors everything's fine in here with 2 strangers and a screaming father.
                              [ I'm also writing a story and I would really appreciate feedback on Finding Clover. Thanks ☺️]
witek75 witek75 Aug 06, 2016
I got too drunk on my 18th don't remember a thing XD....... Neighbors said we were crayzy soooooo I guess it went fine
rudolph21 rudolph21 Apr 14, 2016
He's annoying me now and her lack of logical reaction is confusing
nerdybird2001 nerdybird2001 Apr 22, 2016
This is so different from other books I would be like what in the actual f
liliana1468 liliana1468 Nov 16, 2016
That happened to me before except it was Thursday but we didnt have to go to school for 4 weeks cuz if thanksgiving break lmao
UrPettyTwinSister UrPettyTwinSister Aug 23, 2016
This reminds me of that one doctor who episode where Doctor eleven is with one of his friends that doesn't really partake in the plot of the main story. And he has a baby and the doctor speaks baby to his friends son.