'I Love You' is Eight letters long, However, so is 'Bullsh**'

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Jasmin By MiszJean Completed
About a girl who loses her memories as a child and moves away. Her childhood friends come to see her, but they keep it a secret that they new her as a little girl.
OMG When are you going to finsih writing this story!! Really want to know if Miles and Karma get together!!
Gasp- I used to read this, a few months ago. I really loved it and then I stopped reading (A.D.D centralllll!) and then I was like "WHICH ONE WAS ITTTTT?!" And um...I've been in your fans this whole time.... smooooooth.
                                    I shall continue reading! lol :)
Just one problem...
                                    She's 17 and her mom is 22, 
                                    her mom would have been 5 when she gave birth. sooooo lol
Love the title i didnt read it yet but ur title draws me n. :)
wow, omg this is good, keep writing.
                                    please comment and vote my story. it's about cinderella being nothing more than a golddigger.
haha i love the title! didnt read yet... but i wanted to comment oh n i cant believe her name is Karma lolz AWESOME NAME! i also love the name Riot :P