sugar [narry au]

sugar [narry au]

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[2nd Place In Popular Narry Category, Bromance Awards 2015]

a story where niall horan finds a job, working for a habitually displeased guy named harry styles.

narry au
[lower case intended for description]

NHBabe NHBabe Dec 22, 2016
i love that they don't start all lovey dovey! Actual story progression 😊😊💕
Seriously_A_Fanatic Seriously_A_Fanatic Oct 03, 2016
Chill bruh you just gotta chill... Oh wait I forgot the ice *goes to get the ice* now there!  You can chill bruh *doing a peace sign like a hipster*
wherrsyourchill wherrsyourchill Nov 08, 2016
as a re-reader i've picked up anytime there's a connection to the song 18
                              i have loved you since we were eighteen
Seriously_A_Fanatic Seriously_A_Fanatic Oct 03, 2016
He's like a very cranky boss that you always seem to watch on cartoons
Lottie_2801 Lottie_2801 Sep 18, 2016
By any chance did you spy on Harry when he worked in the bakery? I feel like this is the sort of thing he would do!
Bruh I'm an Indian girl with 0 tolerance for rudeness don't test me