sugar [narry au]

sugar [narry au]

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[2nd Place In Popular Narry Category, Bromance Awards 2015]

a story where niall horan finds a job, working for a habitually displeased guy named harry styles.

narry au
[lower case intended for description]

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i forgot this was a narry and thought niall was louis this whole time lmaooo
it's so weird reading this because i just finished inevitable (and loved it which is why i'm reading your other stories) and this harry is soooo different from the way he is portrayed in inevitable..
Ngl I'm not that into One Direction anymore but this is my fav fanfic so I'm reading it for the 68608648th time
I got choke slammed so I have experience in wrestling idk lol...TGT
i’ve been rereading this little section for a few minutes now bc it rhymes