The Prince and the Pea boyxboy COMPLETED

The Prince and the Pea boyxboy COMPLETED

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Its_a_secret_guyz By its_just_me_guyz Completed

Kael Perjas, Alpha and Prince of the finest monarchy ever, Europe, or so they say. Mikiyo Santou, Omega and Prince of the Orient.

Kael is single, the Queen worries for him and takes matters into her own hands, by inviting Omegas from all over the world to try matchmaking them with Kael. Mikiyo is one of these Omegas, forced to go by his Oba Chan, the Empress. He goes reluctantly, bringing with him several valuable items from the Orient with him as a gift to his host, as well as his katana.

Closer to Kael's castle home, Mikiyo nearly gets robbed by a highway man. However, his men managed to protect the valuables and Mikiyo nearly slices off the highway man's arm.

The two Princes meet and neither are what the other expected. They end up spending time together after Kael gets sick. 

But why does Mikiyo keep finding peas in his bed? And why does his chest hurt after he spends time with babies?

Supposedly comedic version of The Princess and the Pea, boyxboy style. Whether the reader's sense of humour is compatible to this author's is unknown. You will have to read it and see for yourself.

Please read the Prologue, it's different from the summary.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any kinks developed in the reader after reading. Homophobes please go away.

  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • comedy
  • consensual
  • europeanxjapanese
  • fairytale
  • knotting
  • lactation
  • lgbt
  • omega
  • romance
one question, dear Author. is the omegas & Alphas of this world consisting of both males & females?
I didn't see an "MPreg" anywhere in the title or description. They better be adopting some if he can't get pregnant.
i love you! thanks for coming up with this wonderful concept of a book xoxo~
asami_lys asami_lys Feb 10, 2016
you know that when Europe is a monarchy in a story, the story is going to be amazing.
_69ShadesOfGay _69ShadesOfGay Jan 14, 2016
Who TF just thinks: "I'm mad... Let me pretend to be a highwaymen that only steals from wealthy omegas."
                              BRUH. It's so specific it hurts.
angeleyesgrn angeleyesgrn Dec 30, 2015
Yes! Everybody else's ideas haven't been bad enough. Let's come up with something even more ridiculous....