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Samuel Kenway By Gay_Writer Updated Apr 03, 2015

Kota is 14, he was the perfect size at birth, so a werewolf bit his wrist, turning him into a werewolf. On his 15 birthday he'll find out if he's a Dom werewolf, or a Sub werewolf. See a Dom picks a Sub he/she wants and uses it as there slave/baby. So that means wearing diapers, toys cribs etc. The dom's bite mark will turn Gold. Now a sub, he/she would get a shot in the back of the head to stop him/she from aging and growing. They will also get another shot in the spinal cord so he/she will have a tail and cat ears, so a Neko in simpler terms. The subs bite mark will turn sliver. 

Kota is a weak but a rebellious teen. He'll take on anyone, but most likely lose. 

Kota is 5'4. He weighs 102 pounds. His birthday is December 25. 1 day away. His parents have to work they won't be able to say bye to there son.

I don't own the photo. I got it from Google.

ArronAesc ArronAesc Dec 02, 2016
"My eyes roll back, the ceiling fades.." Sleeping With Sirens
                              Sorry, I had to
LittleLegs97 LittleLegs97 Aug 23, 2015
Was reading the description for this and realised that another book has a similar story line.....
Freakishlyweird01 Freakishlyweird01 Aug 03, 2015
imagine if these things were real would you take it.  I would.
CheyE670 CheyE670 Jun 20, 2015
can u still shift to a werewolf tho because if the neko serum takes away the werewolf genes I'd be pissed
denny1 denny1 Jan 30, 2015
lol well?? he said he was going down fighting!!! good chap  ;)
NaiNaiCha NaiNaiCha Jan 16, 2015
                              Yes you should because I know I'm intrigued and I'm looking forward to the rest. I understand if you don't feel like it but please update soon.