❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Glaciem❄️

❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Glaciem❄️

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t r x c e y By xXJust_A_FanGirlXx Updated Jul 30

The cold is not a power to underestimate.
I should know. I had to suffer the pain of becoming someone else.
And all those who inflicted this pain upon me are in no position to try and worry about me.
They don't care.
I can't trust them.
The cold is trustworthy. Nothing ever changes.


I have decided my original of Glaciem sucked. tres terrible. (edit: this one is better but still not good)
So I am making a second one! Hopefully better, longer, more though out, and planned.

Wobels01 Wobels01 Jul 30
I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord
You should have known it would happen........
amakey amakey Jul 06
Lol you spelled it right, but sometimes its spelled Alleluia. (Sorry I'm Catholic)
Is it that bad at all that I want her out of his life after reading so many betreyal strores?
LaPajae7 LaPajae7 Oct 23, 2016
G-man you better run because I will also punch you to the moon
AlbusDumbldore777 AlbusDumbldore777 Nov 14, 2016
That sounded like something Dr. Seuss would say, don't you think?!?!?!