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❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Glaciem❄️

❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Glaciem❄️

31.1K Reads 1.2K Votes 7 Part Story
t r x c e y – • – By xXJust_A_FanGirlXx Updated Feb 15

The cold is not a power to underestimate.

I should know. I had to suffer the pain of becoming someone else.

And all those who inflicted this pain upon me are in no position to try and worry about me.

They don't care.

I can't trust them.

The cold is trustworthy. Nothing ever changes.


Hello, Fellow Fangirls and Fanboys! (BTW you fanboys are endangered species)

I have decided my original of Glaciem sucked. Like, tres terrible.

So I am making a second one! Hopefully better, longer, more though out, and planned.

Bai Bai


Phoe-nix Phoe-nix May 23, 2016
BlondeAngel14 BlondeAngel14 Apr 08, 2016
I read this and was like:
                              *rereads section*
                              "Wait a sec, he is talking about the other guy"
LaPajae7 LaPajae7 Oct 23, 2016
G-man you better run because I will also punch you to the moon
heart_of_a_Slytherin heart_of_a_Slytherin Apr 02, 2016
They say when you pick a flower you pike the prettiest first. So dose God he picks the best souls first. So in other words I am going to live a long time.
Phoe-nix Phoe-nix May 23, 2016
Wait so he didn't turn Tyson against you?! YAY AT LEAST YOU STILL HAVE SOMEONE
AylinAkinal AylinAkinal Apr 14, 2016
Why always Posedion?! *cries, then grumbles when calmed down*