Love Within Ashes {Completed}

Love Within Ashes {Completed}

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He grabbed my hand and took me with him. Everybody was watching us, and by the looks of their faces I think it was the first time he did something like that. I asked him where we were going but he ignored me. He tightly grasped my hand when we left the private room and walked through the bar. Everybody looked at us in awe and I blushed a little. Where he was taking me? Was he crazy? I wanted to escape from his hands but something about him made me feel secure by his side.

Emma Collins was a typical girl with deep family problems.  Billy Darley was the untypical gang lord with deep and twisted life and law problems.

When she met him, love blossomed within her. When he met her, an overprotective feeling thump him. 

But what will happen when the ashes of the past arise and terminate what they felt?

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sunans_799 sunans_799 Mar 31, 2017
And he's still bald. I was hoping for some hair in a week. Lol
micahkaelynn micahkaelynn Oct 11, 2016
woooowww what a suprrissee would hhave never guessed that in a miillliiooonnn years
llmariahleell llmariahleell Aug 01, 2016
I hate when people say that suicide is cowardly. sure it's the easy way out when you think about it , but to kill yourself requires so much bravery it's ridiculous
notte- notte- Sep 13, 2015
I don't know if I can continue to read this because the guys is SO not my type.
Sapphire061699 Sapphire061699 Aug 20, 2015
Am I the only one bothered that this guy is bald? Nothing wrong with bald people of course but that's just different
semisweetval semisweetval Oct 25, 2013
I've read this book so many times...i can't get enough of it.