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Why Now?

Why Now?

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Marie_1022 By Marie_1022 Completed

Jenna and Stephanie have been best friends forever. They've been through everything together. It was thanks to Jenna that Stephanie met her fiancé, Shane. Jenna has a guy best friend, Levi. Levi and Stephanie don't really see eye to eye, but deal with it for Jenna. Jenna has had a crush on Shane since they met, but never told Stephanie. Stephanie wants to set Jenna up with Shane's best friend, Cameron. The man Jenna loves is going to marry her best friend, unless he loves her too...

swoop99 swoop99 Jul 01, 2016
this is funny, I watched a movie EXACTLY like this with the woman that plays Snow White on Once Upon A Time casting in it. doubt it's coincidental.
XiuminWifey15 XiuminWifey15 May 30, 2016
This whole book is reminding me of Something Borrowed 
                              It sounds exactly like the book
portdebras portdebras Apr 07, 2016
Jenna doesn't like this dress and she said that she like it !!!!! Can u see that she is controlling u
tdank3 tdank3 Feb 22, 2016
This is kinda like the movie something borrowed   I can't to read the rest of this
JaneAuxshy JaneAuxshy Feb 13, 2016
Why? Don't u have a brain of ur own...? If u had liked her atleast a bit...u wouldn't have said yes to her friend instead of asking her opinion...or if u don't like Jenna that way then u shouldn't be asking this question now
munchymonster179 munchymonster179 Feb 15, 2016
Wow I just noticed that me and Jenna have bff that bosses u around and makes.It's better is that my best friends name is Stephanie