C.M - L.H #Wattys2015

C.M - L.H #Wattys2015

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Luke Hemmings Philippines By LukePH Completed

"I'll fuck you like a princess , might get rough but I'll take care of you ;)"

All Rights Reserved 2015 @ Paola 1/7 of LukePH

WARNING: Readers should be 13+ and above. Book may contain masochism, sadism, erotic scenes, violence and explicit language.

i can totally relate cuz luke now is 20 lol😹 and im young asf
Um my name doesn't start with a a my name is Kaia you clearly don't know you're alphabets
I remembered being 11 reading this warnings I felt Badass those times. _sigh_
U got an awesome title for ur book.......and note the word awesome...;)
You spelt my name wrong. Its not Adelaide it Emily.