East & Southeast Asian Problems

East & Southeast Asian Problems

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Stories about sensitive topics regarding East/Southeast Asian problems, issues many East/Southeast Asians can relate to, information to educate people about East & Southeast Asian cultures, and my personal stories regarding my Southeast Asian identity. If you are against racism, this might be a perfect story to read. Non-East/Southeast Asian readers are welcomed to read as long as you're sympathetic of other races.

The title has been changed against my will due to idiotic SJWs abusing the political correctness card. 

Note: this book tackles with mostly the Southeast and East Asian issues. To the oversensitive users, the title is not clickbait. Don't like this? Don't read.

If you're petty and overly sensitive then this book is not for you. period. Adieu

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jerrie_jaurello jerrie_jaurello 3 days ago
im not mixed, but i have been mistaken as an american several times, even my friends said that they thought i was a "foreigner" when they first saw me.
simzzz88 simzzz88 a day ago
No! I always feel that Asian girls have excellent fashion sense! Especially once I was at the Beijing airport as it was a stop for my flight to US. The girls I saw there! Their fashion sense was amazing.
Aubree_DS Aubree_DS Apr 11
Filipinos kinda have unique faces but sometimes I get mistaken by my mom’s ex boyfriend’s daughter... Sometimes i just wonder if my father is my mom’s ex not dad😬 also we have the same mannerism.
Wow this must feel like hell! Being constantly mistaken for someone else. I would eventually snapped!
This is relatable because there are a lot of Asians in my grade. I can tell the difference. They all don’t even look alike and people still mess them up and I face palm
My teacher would also mistake me and my chinese friend Sami. When both me and Sami would raise our hands my teacher would be like “oh lord please let me get this right” and then she would mistake us