East & Southeast Asian Problems

East & Southeast Asian Problems

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Stories about sensitive topics regarding East/Southeast Asian problems, issues many East/Southeast Asians can relate to, information to educate people about East & Southeast Asian cultures, and my personal stories regarding my Southeast Asian identity. If you are against racism, this might be a perfect story to read. Non-East/Southeast Asian readers are welcomed to read as long as you're sympathetic of other races.

The title has been changed against my will due to idiotic SJWs abusing the political correctness card. 

Note: this book tackles with mostly the Southeast and East Asian issues. To the oversensitive users, the title is not clickbait. Don't like this? Don't read.

If you're petty and overly sensitive then this book is not for you. period. Adieu

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bts19armyjk bts19armyjk 19 hours ago
Wth....most don’t smoke or drink....it’s against most major religions in Asia...Buddhism , Hinduism,Sikhism, Jainism, Islam etc.
bts19armyjk bts19armyjk 19 hours ago
Yeh DUH! I’m sure not everyone wants to see my whole mouth when I’m laughing
bts19armyjk bts19armyjk 19 hours ago
OMFGGGGG this substitute teacher asked me if I was alright (I later realised cuz I was looking really blank) and I just looked confused then he asked if I could speak English like WTF
bts19armyjk bts19armyjk 19 hours ago
Wth u shud srsly see my mum....Gucci bag, David Jones jeans, ck shirt....infact her fashion sense is better than mine
DivineScarlett DivineScarlett a day ago
                              -CLOTH HANGER
                              -ANYTHING THAT CAN BE USED TO HIT A CHILD
                              HAHAHAHHA... i experienced all that😢
DivineScarlett DivineScarlett a day ago
Please use words WISELY. From saying "hate" it's as if your saying that wants to be dead. "Doesn't like" is more ok. And also add up the reason because of colonial periods brainwashing