Pregnant and Rejected

Pregnant and Rejected

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Tatiana's POV

Hi my name is Tatiana and this is my story. I was weak, bullied and treated like a slave before I got away. I can remember the day so clearly. The fat, freezing rain drops, the slippery slopes of green grass, the hard thuds of paws hitting the ground, my heart beating so fast and loud my chest hut. They call me Tatiana and this is the story of how I started a new life after leaving my pack pregnant with my alpha mates baby.


Tatiana is a 15 1/2 year old boy whose treated like shit in his pack. One day he finds his mate only for it to be the future alpha of the pack. The man he hates more than life. One thing leads to another and Tatiana decides he has to leave. Five years later he's back but not alone read and find out what happens.


Tell me what you think good and bad. This is my first story and I'm so excited!!!!!


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AvidReader107 AvidReader107 Sep 08, 2017
Perhaps if his parents didnt give him a girls name his life would have been a bit easier?
I can only imagine what happened when he met the alpha, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MeNotBugged MeNotBugged Jul 14, 2017
                              SAY IT WITH ME IF U WATCH RUPAULS BESTFRIEND RACE!
LanehLove LanehLove Feb 05
Is that Samuel Larsen? He looks less attractive than normal if it is
queenzdead queenzdead Mar 03
I actually think this is gonna be pretty good. Even though this maybe a little late of me to say
SilverRain801 SilverRain801 May 04, 2017
Hey Hun. I think your story would be better if you got a beta reader. Just an idea. Otherwise, it's good so far.