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So Fell the Angels - Supernatural Fanfic/Fanfiction (Castiel Fan Fiction)

So Fell the Angels - Supernatural Fanfic/Fanfiction (Castiel Fan Fiction)

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Lasarina By Lasarina Updated Apr 24, 2015

Tabitha is the black sheep of the Winchesters: she works for the FBI. But when her brothers need her, she finds herself hunting with them again. Now she’s trying her best to help her brothers, but that’s easier said than done. So is trying to rebuild the relationship with them when she finds herself becoming closer with an angel instead. Starts in season 4 of Supernatural — SisterFic and eventual Castiel/OC

shae-101 shae-101 Jan 20
She sooo has saved their asses more than 1999999999999999999999999999999999999 times almost a record too
Destifer666 Destifer666 5 days ago
Dean. Dean. Dean. Pay attention to me, Dean. Dean, stop ignoring me. Deeeeeeeean
-bellamie- -bellamie- Jan 01
I pray the lord, my soul to love, amen (at least that's how I used to say it)
Yup that's the wind alright......this is why I don't go out dammit!
-deansbaby -deansbaby Dec 28, 2016
Addison, Bob, Kat, Belle, Antony, John, Henri, Seattle, Jane, June, Margret, Bella, Ellie, Carl, Rick, Bucky, Steve
If you tried taking my books from me........(insert threat here)😐