The Maze Runner Imagines and Preferences [REQUESTS CLOSED]

The Maze Runner Imagines and Preferences [REQUESTS CLOSED]

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Serenity By Jxnerawr Completed


Hi everyone! with all these imagines and preferences books out there, i've been inspired to do this! i will only be doing: Newt, Minho, Gally, Thomas 
in this book so if your favourite isn't in this book, sorry :/

Start: April 3rd, 2015
End: September 3rd, 2015
(major editing = 2016-2017)

-vxid24 -vxid24 Jan 31, 2016
Me:Wait I thought I was stalking him?*turns around to see Newt hiding behind a tree with Thomas*
                              Newt:*whispers to Thomas*klunk did she see us?
                              Thomas:Well-uhh...y-you mig-
                              Me:Yes I saw you...
jkvash jkvash Nov 19, 2015
He is not a young man sorry to break it to you he is married and 30
expecto_my_patronum expecto_my_patronum Nov 11, 2015
Awee Senpai is now a Yandere with me!! ¬~¬ back off non-fangirls.
curved_silence curved_silence Oct 09, 2015
Im every Minho Imagine I read hs is so Sexual and yeah it is funny