The Big Book of The Avengers: Imagines and short stories *FINISHED/COMPLETED*

The Big Book of The Avengers: Imagines and short stories *FINISHED/COMPLETED*

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Day One, Greenie By Queen_Lucy123 Completed

I've seen a couple of people do these, so I hope u like them.  ❤️
It started off with just doing Captain America but then I changed it to The Avengers 

A/N NOTE: I will not reply to any comments + requests because this book is FINISHED. If you would like to request x readers please inbox me and I will put it in my book 2 

Enjoy my little AVENGERS! ❤️❤️✌️


Loki_Night Loki_Night Mar 26, 2016
So what if were men.
                              Men are equal to female and Female are equal to Men.
- - Feb 07, 2016
Am I the only one who is unfazed by the fact that it says boyfriend instead of girlfriend. In my mind I just changed it to girlfriend.
_v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 _v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 Jan 28, 2016
I love how everyone is imidietly bothered by the fact that it said boyfriend when you can just easily imagine girlfriend if you want, jeguz people, just cover it up with what you want if you dont like it. Jeez
Lighingbug Lighingbug Aug 16, 2015
Why in stories like this, the girl is always wearing a sport or leggings or tights. Is a simple shirt and jeans to ugly for this world now?
dragonesskunoichi dragonesskunoichi Aug 10, 2015
is this gay or what coz why am i his boyfriend but wearing a smirt and tights idk
SilverRose86 SilverRose86 Jun 06, 2015
I think you meant to put girlfriend instead of boyfriend there... Just wanted to say that in case you didn't notice:)