The Hidden Power  (Book 2) DtkXReader (sequel to Three lines) [Complete]

The Hidden Power (Book 2) DtkXReader (sequel to Three lines) [Complete]

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Fancey Lancey By thescary_ghost_ Completed

Returning from book one, (Y/n) arrived home after being beat up in a battle worrying everyone. Meanwhile although Josh seems fine something is brewing inside his soul. Kid continues to try and 'seduce' (Y/n).  

I own the plot, my ocs, but, not the Soul eater characters

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Eileen_N_Beyond Eileen_N_Beyond Apr 17, 2017
And you would  never will 
                              I'm there for you taubaki😭😭😭😭
AkumiKiyo AkumiKiyo Mar 13, 2016
T~>~T WHY MY SHIP AUTHOR CHAN WHY REDER CHAN SAD 😱😱😱😱😱😓😓😓😓😤😢😰😢😭😥😵😲😖😫😩😣😔😕🙁☹️😞😟😠😡
_galaxyyyy _galaxyyyy Jun 08, 2016
🚺🚺🚺 I don't either 🚺🚺🚺 And yes I am female
-_Cecilia_Mozai_- -_Cecilia_Mozai_- Oct 19, 2016
Is it ok if we just make fanart 
                              That doesn't have I Be the title
Akasuki13 Akasuki13 Jan 15, 2015
Ok, so I was just rereading ur last book, I just need some clarification, josh and the reader don't die right?
thescary_ghost_ thescary_ghost_ Jan 14, 2015
@Akasuki13 i  have the title on it and it could have atleast Death the kid on it. If you want you can put the other characters on it and if you want to try and draw a Josh you can chapter 1(of the last book) it has a little description of Josh on it.