The Hidden Power  (Book 2) DtkXReader (sequel to Three lines) [Complete]

The Hidden Power (Book 2) DtkXReader (sequel to Three lines) [Complete]

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Fancy Lancey By thescary_ghost_ Completed

Returning from book one, (Y/n) arrived home after being beat up in a battle worrying everyone. Meanwhile although Josh seems fine something is brewing inside his soul. Kid continues to try and 'seduce' (Y/n).  

I own the plot, my ocs, but, not the Soul eater characters

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And you would  never will 
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AkumiKiyo AkumiKiyo Mar 13, 2016
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_galaxyyyy _galaxyyyy Jun 08, 2016
🚺🚺🚺 I don't either 🚺🚺🚺 And yes I am female
-_Cecilia_Mozai_- -_Cecilia_Mozai_- Oct 19, 2016
Is it ok if we just make fanart 
                              That doesn't have I Be the title
Akasuki13 Akasuki13 Feb 17, 2015
Aww this was amazing, and it's okay that it's late, at least you didn't completely give up on it right :)
Akasuki13 Akasuki13 Jan 15, 2015
Ok, so I was just rereading ur last book, I just need some clarification, josh and the reader don't die right?