Just Tell Me You Love Me (Book 1 in the Just Series) *under editing*

Just Tell Me You Love Me (Book 1 in the Just Series) *under editing*

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Just Tell Me You Love me is Book 1 in the Just Series. 

This is a standalone book. The series follows the Life of the Anastasi siblings, with book 1 telling the story of Massimo Anastasi. 

Massimo Anastasi still grieves over the death of his wife 3 years ago. His wife died while giving birth to their daughter Emelia. He has sworn of love. He loved his wife dearly and he could never love another. 

He just fired the nanny for his daughter because he caught her yelling and hurting his daughter, so now he finds himself in dire need of a new nanny. What he didn't expect is Arabella. Something inside him ignites, the moment he laid eyes on her, which made her unsuitable to be his daughter's nanny. He just can't handle having a walking temptation living in his house; but he can't deny the fact the his daughter Lia has taken a liking to Arabella instantly. Against his better judgement, he hired her. He just have to make sure to keep it professional. He can't afford any complications.

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sweetfragola18 sweetfragola18 Sep 25, 2017
This is the second time I am reading. And can never get bored. Love the book! 😘😘
trshlrz trshlrz Aug 05, 2017
People out here be cheating and then there's this man 😭💕
shawn_muffin18 shawn_muffin18 Aug 10, 2017
Ur saying this now but later u
                              You'll see urslf loving someone so stop it n font make me cry 😭😭💔
YueShiro YueShiro Jul 14, 2017
I would have called the police and get her on record if she did this to one child she'll do it to another. If she been on record for child abuse then she wouldn't work in that field anymore. I don't why he didn't,  like seriously what is the agency going to do that police won't do better
Tay50412 Tay50412 Oct 09, 2017
It's not even the first chapter and my eyes are sweating😥
Nialler_SlowHands Nialler_SlowHands Jul 29, 2017