Shadowed love - Reader x Nico di Angelo

Shadowed love - Reader x Nico di Angelo

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mywingsofpaper By mywingsarepaper Updated Jul 10

Nico x Reader - emotional/fluffy/angsty

A story of finding love, and finding that love again. 
Hearts are broken and then mended again in this Nico x reader fan fiction

"How long would you really go for the one you love?"

Please give it a read <3

Rose is literally my inner self. My mom and dad "won't let me" be Emo or gothic
OK. No. Leo is MY boyfriend. If I had to get a sister, she at least not have to DATE MY LEO
How ironic is it that this book says y/n is daughter of Poseidon and that my fav Pokemon is a squirtle?
OK Bish.  I don't like the fact that I have a sister in this chapter. I already have 3 and they kill me. And Rose? Really? 
                              What a useless name
wait im confused are they daughters of poseidon and blessed by zues and hades or.... im really confused, if they are a descendant of zues and hades then wouldnt that mean that they were their daughters?
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Oct 08
Me when I'm nervouls
                              1.messes with bracelet(if I wear it) 
                              2.messes with necklace(that a girl ripped and still waiting for it to get repaired) 
                              3.stumbles on her words