Shadowed love - Reader x Nico di Angelo

Shadowed love - Reader x Nico di Angelo

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mywingsofpaper By mywingsarepaper Updated Jul 10, 2016

Nico x Reader - emotional/fluffy/angsty

A story of finding love, and finding that love again. 
Hearts are broken and then mended again in this Nico x reader fan fiction

"How long would you really go for the one you love?"

Please give it a read <3

Magical_Fandomness Magical_Fandomness Sep 19, 2016
Rose is literally my inner self. My mom and dad "won't let me" be Emo or gothic
I can defiantly see why....... Aaah..... That makes me giggle
PingLingStar PingLingStar Oct 12, 2016
OK. No. Leo is MY boyfriend. If I had to get a sister, she at least not have to DATE MY LEO
MehMehBroo MehMehBroo Jan 27
Whale, at least me and my sis have like the same weapons just different colors and stuffs like that...
GirlGamer152 GirlGamer152 Nov 05, 2016
How ironic is it that this book says y/n is daughter of Poseidon and that my fav Pokemon is a squirtle?
ellaloba1 ellaloba1 Jan 28
Yass finally I get to be the daughter of Poseidon in this story 👌👍