Shadowed love - Reader x Nico di Angelo

Shadowed love - Reader x Nico di Angelo

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mywingsofpaper By mywingsarepaper Completed

Nico x Reader - emotional/fluffy/angsty

A story of finding love, and finding that love again. 
Hearts are broken and then mended again in this Nico x reader fan fiction

"How long would you really go for the one you love?"

Please give it a read <3

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MsKnowItAll2 MsKnowItAll2 Sep 13, 2017
Percy is my big bro in real life, so I would have simply thanked Annabeth and went about my business
MsKnowItAll2 MsKnowItAll2 Sep 13, 2017
Oh my gosh! Ginger bread hot coccoa sounds great! Please tell me, where can I get it?
0silkmoth0 0silkmoth0 Aug 06, 2017
Uhh, this isn't considered an x reader if you decide any of the looks. You'd normally say your (H/C) or hair color, not just say it's dyed.
KandyKitty9 KandyKitty9 Feb 06
Lee and George remind me of Hamilton. Rose reminds me of Homestuck.
solacemewill solacemewill Oct 02, 2017
MsKnowItAll2 MsKnowItAll2 Sep 13, 2017
About her necklace bow and arrow, I am also writing a fanfic on PJO and the main character has a necklace that turns into a bow and arrow....😒....