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KING By UseWithCaution Updated Jul 20, 2018

"Our love was never sure, always thin as silk." 

[Sequel To Tamed] 

It's been five long years since Toby and Nat have seen each other. Natalie has begun her medical schooling and is on her way to becoming Doctor Atkins while Toby has been stationed all over the world, including South Korea. They've always had brief spells of sadness at being a part, but not seeing each other hasn't played as big of a role in their lives as they thought it would. 

But Toby is back now. Equipped with a beard, a new title, and a drinking problem that's beginning to turn nasty. After their first meeting with each other since the break, they realize something, neither has kept their promises. 

How can love survive with more trust is being broken than promises being kept? 

[Black Woman/White Man]

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mamisluh mamisluh Jan 06, 2018
Calling isn't easy in the army and did you really love him? And did he really love you?
If they talk on the phone frequently vs saying it for the first time, I think it's fine.
silly_face777 silly_face777 Jan 02, 2018
Calling isn’t easy sis and IF  u do get a call it’s what they make them say
mxxnbyulie mxxnbyulie Apr 23, 2017
                              THEY MADE HIM LOOK LIKE A VESSEL OF SHIMMY 
                              ALL SWEET AND TENDER LIKE A TINY BABY KITY
Herithabell61 Herithabell61 Jun 19, 2017
It's so awkward going to a restaurant by myself, I feel like it's All Eyez On Me (2pac reference)
- - Oct 24, 2016
She didn't say "I love you"
                              ..🤔 hmmm this tea tasting kinda salty 🐸☕ but that's none of my business