Siren and the Alpha

Siren and the Alpha

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_Cherry_Bomber_ By _Cherry_Bomber_ Updated Jul 05, 2015

Sirens. ever heard of them? they are supposedly beautiful creatures that can sing the most beautiful songs. They can draw in all the men and make them do their bidding or make them die. 

so what were to happen if a Siren were to find her mate? A werewolf, but not just any werewolf, an alpha...the alpha. the strongest werewolf known to roam the earth?

This is a story about Siren Smerl. She is not just a normal siren, she tends to be the one most looked up to by all sirens, but that doesn't mean she is popular. The complete opposite really, since she is the best siren out there, Siren also known as Ren, is also the most feared. She is kind and can keep her temper down but when she does get mad all hell breaks loose. She is known as the siren of death. She is known as a goddess. So when she meets Ryder Kingsley, the most powerful alpha of all time, let's just say the world explodes.

Debbyanime Debbyanime Apr 14
Before I start reading i just have to read the comments first *sign bad habit...
But then again she could've been a he and got implants and turned into a she... jp 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
kellaflakes kellaflakes Aug 21, 2016
I'm so confused how do they have tattoos if they were B.C. Before Christ I'm pretty sure ppl didn't have tattoos before Jesus