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In That Moment

In That Moment

108 Reads 14 Votes 5 Part Story
Morgan G. By morg_ann8 Updated Jun 30, 2015

((Warning: this novel is uncensored- and therefore contains strong language, drug use,  various triggers, and other explicit content))
Ella's summer journal is meant to be a reminder for her past self that life does indeed get better after sophomore year- but with the freedom of summer and a patternless schedule, she finds herself more lost than ever. Pulled in all directions by her family and friends, she is forced to come to terms with herself and look for her own true path to happiness.

  • age
  • alcohol
  • cigarettes
  • comingofage
  • crying
  • depression
  • diary
  • drinking
  • drugs
  • friendship
  • highschool
  • music
  • perksofbeingawallflower
  • romance
  • sadness
  • school
  • smoking
  • summer
  • texas