My best friend's best friend [Dylan O'brien fanfic] #wattys2015

My best friend's best friend [Dylan O'brien fanfic] #wattys2015

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Lou By LouStilinski Updated Jan 17, 2016

Skylar has been best friends with Tyler Posey since middleschool, then he got into the whole acting world so they now only talk over the phone and rarely meet up. When she gets invited to his birthday party she meets his new friends, the whole teenwolf cast. Things get really interesting when she meets a particular boy with cute little moles and golden eyes.

Unfortunately I do not own Dylan O'Brien. 

Quotes and references are not mine, nor are the characters except for the main character Skylar, her mom, sister and best friend Lauren


-Natty1024- -Natty1024- Oct 27, 2016
Well u don't know what you're missing out on. *cough*void stiles*cough*
I'm bothered that she doesn't watch Teen Wolf but she watches TVD
sup_ziam_phan sup_ziam_phan Jun 29, 2016
What if in the future when she likes Dylan do u think Tyler will get jealous
Jackson was a bit *ahem* rude but damn that boy was 🔥🔥
SimplyMe_BookLover SimplyMe_BookLover Jul 24, 2016
I love Teen Wolf, don't know what I'd do with out it. 🙌😂
-Natty1024- -Natty1024- Oct 27, 2016
*Reads "my girl" OoOoOoOo
                              *continues reading*
                               " friend" 
                              Ouch ok