Beta 12

Beta 12

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"Are you ready to begin, Miss West?" 

"My name is Sadie." 

The man called Jaggers ignored her, scrolling through his tablet before swiveling to make a few adjustments to her chair-a little less angle to the lean here, a bit more height there. The V-Sphere sat on the rolling table between them, as if the barren examination room  revolved around it.

"How did you do it?"

"You might need to be more specific, Miss West."

"How did you convince my sister to let me take part in your research?" 

"Do I detect a hint of gratitude?" Jaggers smirked. "You will have to let your hair down, the helmet will not fit properly otherwise."

She held his eyes a moment longer before reaching up and yanking the elastic from her ponytail. As the dark frizzy waves settled around her shoulders, the Sphere followed.

He felt around the perfectly curved sides of the Sphere, causing it to flare to life, little lights flashing across its surface before steadying into intermittent blinks. 

"In approximately," he checked his tablet, "three minutes, the beta will begin. You will design your avatar, complete the introduction, select your class, and play through the tutorial. Then you are free to do as you please. It's just a game, after all." 

"It was never just a game."

"Of course not," he said, "and yet, your adrenaline levels are already rising." Jaggers pressed his hand against the side of the Sphere. With a shock, her vision melted.

"Close your eyes, Miss West." Jaggers' voice echoed as if from the other side of a chasm. "When you open them, you'll be in a new world, with monsters to fight and skills to learn and cities to explore. If ever in your life you've yearned for a destiny, well, now you have as many as you could ever chase."


A virtual reality video game, a brother who needs saving, a freckle-faced girl, her boy who doesn't exist, a lion master, a vengeful thief, a civil war, and some fancy armor. And of course, no way out.

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