My Secret Lover (Secret Lover #1) (Rewriting)

My Secret Lover (Secret Lover #1) (Rewriting)

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Sarah Toussaint By Sarah_Toussaint Updated Aug 09

(Previously titled My New Neighbor My Secret Lover.)  

First installment of the Secret Lover trilogy.

"My new neighbor has those eyes, they hide something, yet they show everything; I could see the fire burning through them as they penetrated me, stared into me. I felt a weight on me as he stared at me, I felt as if he needed something from me, something pressing, something I suspect he deep down, knew I needed too."-Mariah


I'm fine. 

Just a bit troubled.

My best friend is no longer here, I'm drinking alcohols and trying drugs I couldn't even pronounce the name of a few months ago, I'm shoplifting, I'm no longer a virgin, my personality has changed, my parents are confused, oh, and my life is in complete shambles.

Add a hot, new neighbor that I can't hide my attraction to, in the mix, and I've got myself a big bite I can't even dream of chewing.

A story of Denial, Great Passion, Sex, and most importantly, Love.

©Sarah Toussaint

Is it possible to make the last two chapters that's u wrote on radish free again