Something More

Something More

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''I don't give a single fuck about your sister's and my brother's relationship. All I care about is you and you can't deny your feelings about me, because we both know it's a fucking lie when you say you don't want me. You want me as much as I want you. So stop being so stubborn, admit it and let me fucking kiss you already.'' 


It was a summer, a very hot and warm one. Andie's parents decided not to go at the vacation that year so that leaves Andie with her older sister, Perrie. Both of them went to Perrie's boyfriend house. Andie couldn't hide her happiness about her finally vacation she deserved. But she didn't know that her vacation won't be just a vacation. It would be much, much more. Andie knew that Tony, Perrie's boyfriend, has a younger brother. But one thing she didn't know. She didn't know that he will steal her heart. So what happens when you fall for a bad boy and break the rules? And this isn't the
same bad boy - good girl story, because it has something that other stories don't.

Find out what and let the summer games begin.

Warning: strong language, drug-abuse, sexual content.

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ayee_kbaby ayee_kbaby Mar 07, 2016
Croatia is so freaking beautiful with all of the clear water and houses and mountains and stuff oml I wish I lived dere!😍😍😍
AnaBuu AnaBuu Aug 28, 2015
@Ivona1950 Isaadie is love, Isaadie is life hahaha. Luv ju tuu, maj lav
demonshelter demonshelter Jan 14, 2015
kaay i likee this! preedobro je fakatt znači ^-^ i will read idaljeee :3 ❤
AnaBuu AnaBuu Jan 14, 2015
@Lux232 I'm hoping we will meet this summer, I think it's time already! hahah. and for PA - no worries, read when u can! just study so you can go to the high school u want and that's all ;) Aaand thank you xo
__tisiphone __tisiphone Jan 14, 2015
when eating would be a crime, I would never get out of a jail (prison seems so... boring. jail is better)
__tisiphone __tisiphone Jan 14, 2015
:DDD Kaštela :DDD
                              hope I will finally meet you there this summer