scarred and rejected

scarred and rejected

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rickalablackwood By rickalablackwood Updated Jul 17

" your rouge , and weak your not meant to lead my pack the 2nd strongest of all wolf packs , the kings are the first  what I've heard is that they've  been wiped out , so I Gabriel Jackson reject you fraya Lewis as my mate and Luna ".

loves cruel , pain , and heartbreak .

my names freya , they all see me as a rouge but that's my disguise, im really the missing princess .

my life was great , I had a home/palace , a family who loved me , a kingdom that respected me  and it was my 17th  birthday .

my parents were the alpha king and queen , they were the top werewolf's and the strongest .

but that all vanished because of the fire , it burnt everything in it path , even my family .

my parents got me out in time before everything came down .

I had to move to the city a New York, to live with a close friend of my parent who I call Esme.
my last name isn't really Lewis its Michelson.(originals xxxx)

and I've been rejected by the person who is supposed to love me till the end of time

danesskie danesskie Jun 19, 2016
should i have been able to feel the emotions from the start?
elephant44 elephant44 May 22, 2015
That chapter was so sad. It nearly made me cry. I like ure so far.