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Children of The Nebulous

Children of The Nebulous

2K Reads 83 Votes 6 Part Story
SpydersStories By SpydersStories Updated Mar 26, 2013

After colliding with an unknown entity and thrown from the 'Stream' into Real Space, The Nebulous,  largest and fastest ship of it’s kind, automatically sends out the ISP's, escape pods, life-capsules and the unmanned Nebulous Flyer before crashing onto the nearest planet. Less than half the crew survive. Within days the aliens, which caused the collision, pursue them, destroying the planet and consume most of it's inhabitants.
 Half human, half robotic machine, the children call them, Manboti. With their own ship destroyed, they want The Nebulous Flyer. 
    Seven years on, the main central hub of the ship, now known as Home Ground, some of the ISP's, life capsules and The Nebulous Flyer are still hidden. Only one boy, John A. Blade, is genetically programmed to fly her home but the Manboti, who up until now thought the children of no use other than food are suddenly made aware of their importance to capturing The Nebulous Flyer.
Ten children are all that’s left of the crew. With Ki implants, plus advanced equipment left by their parents or found in the city ruins, the children become their own doctors, mechanics and scientists. Developing antidotes for anything the Manboti can dish out. But there’s one thing they haven’t conquered, the Manboti’s ability to ‘hide’ inside humans. They look the same, until the time is right, then shred their human skin to impregnate others or consume their captives to gain knowledge. 
Nothing can be trusted, even creatures  native to the planet have been robotised and appear impervious to the deadly Thorns, which mysteriously grow all around Home Ground.
The story begins when Blade returns home after several months away searching for the hidden Nebulous Flyer. He is shocked at what he finds. Many things have changed. Home Ground has been attacked. Distrustful of those left he has to lead them back to the city where The Nebulous Flyer is hidden, knowing someone is Manboti…but who?

adalyns adalyns Jan 01, 2015
I just began reading this and I absolutely love how much action there is right off the bat. I'm so excited to read more!!
GavinGray GavinGray Aug 10, 2014
I've been gone from Wattpad for ages, so wanted to read this again from the start (even though I'm aware it's not been updated in a while). Fantastic opening!
youngemm youngemm Apr 19, 2013
oh no the Westie!! 
                              never guessed the ending of the chapter at all!
SpydersStories SpydersStories Mar 06, 2013
@GSGray  Thank you, glad you liked it, just hope I don't go off the rails as I write more.. two 5th chapters are sitting in draft now, can't make up my mind! Sorry about the Westie, son in law has already moaned at me about that, but, it is there for a reason!
SeeThomasHowl SeeThomasHowl Feb 21, 2013
Just reread this. Such an intense tone right from the beginning, and on through the chapter. Gruesome stuff as well. What made you think of this?
LittlePetal LittlePetal Feb 10, 2013
What a suprise at the end of the 1st chapter, i did not expect that at all, I was thinking grusesome monster and it wasnt.