A Nerd For Hire

A Nerd For Hire

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Hannah By Orangefruit72 Updated Jun 26, 2016

I am Renita Summers. A good girl by day, bad girl by night.

At school I'm know as the nerd. I have no friends, get straight A's, wear glasses and get bullied. Cliche, maybe. But I'm not letting myself get caught.

Everyone at school is stupid. Why, because they think that I'm a defenceless goody to shoes. Boy are they wrong!

Out of school I'm a tough, short tempered, fighting machine that goes by the name of Rebel.
I'm what you would call a spy for hire. You see I don't street fight or work for a specific spy organization.

The organizations tell me what they want done and I do it. In return they help me out with weapons, lock up bad guys I bring in, and pay me some money. What, a girl has to have an good income to survive in this world.

I have never had anyone find out my secret, but lately more people than ever want to find out who I really am.

They even have this thing called The List. Everyone and anyone who could possibly be Rebel is on it. The worst thing is, I'm on it.

CidSquid CidSquid Nov 22, 2016
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
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NataleeBohanon NataleeBohanon 4 days ago
Amen someone who shares my thoughts!!! Though I'm younger but still ttthhhaannnkkk uuuuuuu!!
LiziVashadze LiziVashadze Dec 28, 2016
WAIT you are like a batman whoel audience knows that he is bruce wayn and not so many know in the story batman by night bruce by day yaaay 😂
PleaseStillMyHeart PleaseStillMyHeart Jul 03, 2016
damn you needa get a career in acting real quick or these bullies are hella gullible 😂💕
PleaseStillMyHeart PleaseStillMyHeart Jul 03, 2016
if it automatically closes in ONE minute and she drives off, can't somebody enter her house by garage or something?