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Faking Homophobia | Book 1

Faking Homophobia | Book 1

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⭐S A R A⭐ By Girl_full_of_Sarcasm Updated Dec 06, 2016

Syon Stevenson is married off to Reid Hamilton following a promise made by their mothers before their birth. Reid Hamilton, the ruthless businessman is known as 'The Homophobe' throughout the industry because of his evident homophobia. So why was the gay guy married off to someone with that sort of a reputation?

Three years later, Syon is harboring feelings for his husband. His husband who has a homophobic reputation. And who has a mistress. But a dance with a stranger at their third anniversary party is all it needs for shit to go down.

Well, shit does go down.

And Syon can now only wonder, why is his husband faking homophobia?


WARNING: The first half of this book requires rewriting, the first couple chapters even more so. So... Read if you can bear with some off chapters because it gets better. 

The Fucking Adorable, Wonderful, Beautiful cover is made @peakybooo ❤

Armistice2 Armistice2 May 12, 2016
So you're trying to marry your sons off just so you can be relatives? Fix your lives. 😂
YaoiUme YaoiUme Aug 28, 2016
I wanna like, smother him with a care bear because aww, and I get aggressively happy near cute stuff
give_me_action give_me_action Nov 06, 2016
What about letting yo child decide, but Im not complaining ;)
ChristinaPelayo ChristinaPelayo Jul 01, 2016
Such cool parents but they should've considered their sons' feelings and thoughts about their promise.
potatoryan potatoryan Dec 04, 2016
Thats sounds to good to be fuffing true , I wanna be Laura , also w/ a secret, hot , and loving relationship
Armistice2 Armistice2 May 12, 2016
"Crap, we both had boys!"
                              "Well, we can still go along with this..."