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A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: Book 2, Grudge Match.

A Certain Scientific Omnitrix: Book 2, Grudge Match.

22.6K Reads 717 Votes 20 Part Story
Mikoto Misaka By Misaka_Omnitrix Completed

(Chronology: Daihaseisai Arc of A Certain Magical Index.) The Daihaseisai is here! A festival event where all the schools in Academy City compete with each other in sporting events.. a festival even more popular then the World Cup. Espers from all over are encouraged to use their abilities. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors have taken an interest in Ben Tennyson after his success in defeating the Eigth Level 5 Impulser.. the Level 5 whose power was impossible to categorize.. and Aleister Crowley, the City administrator has taken up a rather sinister plan to find out how to test this new weapon in his arsenal... attract the most powerful conquerer in the Galaxy to do battle with that boy.

Meanwhile, Ben is starting to realize the possibility that he might have feelings for Mikoto, but is scared of what it might mean... And while Mikoto feels the same way, she doesn't know what to do with those feelings.. 
But of course.. all things must eventually converge and resolve, for better or for worse.

Char_Master Char_Master May 05, 2016
Forget rehab Helen Wheels is the next best thing 4 people with Smoking problems
Darth_Sylph Darth_Sylph Feb 13, 2016
I don't really think Vilgax could take Accelerator, certainly not Impulser,
crashman360 crashman360 Oct 22, 2016
My drivers edd teacher showed us a selective attention test. I noticed the gorilla.
Blizzard_Star Blizzard_Star Feb 06, 2015
Welp, at least Touma didn't explode?...wait now he's gonna explode just because I said that XD HAHAHAHAHAH
MangaAnimeNovelOtaku MangaAnimeNovelOtaku Feb 03, 2015
hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Poor Touma!!!!The ending, is SO usual that it's very funny! hahahah! I'VE LOST MAH MIND! XD
Bestplayer109 Bestplayer109 Feb 01, 2015
HAHAHAHA Poor Touma and his misfortune that last part made me laugh for a while as you can see.