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F u c k u p By alexithymias Updated Jul 17, 2016

"I hope your in for a ride baby. Because it's ride or die."

Harry's life wasn't as normal as Lee thought. 

WARNING; mature content, strong language, drugs and alcohol 

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alexithymias 2015 

Libr0_R0sa Libr0_R0sa Sep 05, 2016
Some people: I wish he would say that to me..
                              Me: Listen here you snarky ass, I know it's great. I do squats in the shower, but you best believe you gonna show me some respect. No matter how... Fine you are.
bluhhhhhh bluhhhhhh Sep 04, 2015
If you're gonna have Vin and street racing in the book I automatically thing fast and furious so this just screwed me up because I starting thinking it was roman in the movies lmao
TwinkleToes27 TwinkleToes27 Apr 05, 2015
Holy Hubba Bubba bubble gum... wow.... first of all those pictures were not expected and when I seen them I poked my eye on acident
charmerhes charmerhes Mar 28, 2015
I seriously want to know where you or that picture of Harry. The one in the book cover.
                              Your book is really good xx