A Year Agreement ✔️ (PUBLISHED!)

A Year Agreement ✔️ (PUBLISHED!)

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Kenadee By OutOfMyLimit17 Completed

Jenna Howard is not your regular 19 year old. She's been by herself since she was just 5 years old. After being dropped off at an orphanage when she was little she has had to fend for herself ever since. Now 14 years later she works 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Life was not how Jenna thought it would be, she never imagined not having a loving family or that she'd be by herself the rest of her life.

But one day at work she meets millionaire Liam Stanford who suddenly wants to her to be his wife but with a catch. She will be his wife for 1 year then after that year they will part ways with her getting a million dollars and never seeing the him again. As she starts to get to know Liam she realizes he isn't what he seems, there is more to the millionaire than he lets on. With two different worlds coming together will they both leave this deal unscathed or will they both end up falling for each other? 


Cover made by the amazing @QueenDisneyBiatch 

Finished as of September 15th, 2016! 
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blackale06 blackale06 Jun 23, 2017
so only book #1 is on wattpad and if we want to read the rest, I'll have to purchase?
shirinxx shirinxx Jun 28, 2017
So basically this whole book is splited into three books? 
                              Or is it this one on wattpad is one of the series??
Ashmem Ashmem Apr 16, 2017
I'll probably end up ordering a paperback if I like your book. :)
_Snowflakeything_ _Snowflakeything_ Jan 14, 2017
guys, are all the three books still there in wattpad? And that too completed?
jackieseyfarth42 jackieseyfarth42 Sep 30, 2016
If I don't finish where's else can I read this book because I REALLY like it and I don't want to not finish it
starsraining starsraining Sep 21, 2016
Just realised I have like one night to read this better get started