The Sun in the Shadow

The Sun in the Shadow

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This story is completed! Done and finished. Yup.

Three days in the infirmary doesn't seem that bad if you sleep through two of them. An overly protective doctor and a power restriction is hard to deal with, though. But, running away is never the answer. This time it's the problem.

All rights go to Rick Riordan with his fantastical world and brilliant writings!

Mommaearth Mommaearth Dec 03, 2016
Nah i just happen to have my eyes open and im just sleep walking talking and being socially awkward 
                              Bye the way im hungry
Does anybody else read Nico's lines in like an Italian accent? 😐
Mommaearth Mommaearth Dec 03, 2016
That is me 16/7
                              The other 8 hours a day are spent with me sleeping
Hogwarts_Demigod_ Hogwarts_Demigod_ Sep 25, 2016
                              I have finally found a person intelligent enough to make my favourite "Three days in the infirmary" properly! Kisses!
AndromedaLee AndromedaLee Jun 07, 2016
This scene reminded me of Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan for some reason.....
PanicAtTheFallOut32 PanicAtTheFallOut32 Oct 02, 2016
I'm so glad this ship is canon in Rick Riordan's new series X3