The Sun in the Shadow

The Sun in the Shadow

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This story is completed! Done and finished. Yup.

Three days in the infirmary doesn't seem that bad if you sleep through two of them. An overly protective doctor and a power restriction is hard to deal with, though. But, running away is never the answer. This time it's the problem.

All rights go to Rick Riordan with his fantastical world and brilliant writings!

                              Impatiently waiting for Nico to get back to being his patient
WolfwindAj WolfwindAj 2 days ago
Me: dad, i just realized sumpn
                              Hades: what?
                              Me: nicos first kiss, and hes not even fully conscious...... We seriously need to work on him.
                              Hades: yeah. But the dead are easier to keep awake. 
                              Me: true dat...
I hope you WILL again
                              How hasn't anyone made this pun already,
Boi Percy and annabeth are probs making out at this point so 😂😂
Nico I've missed u so much. My heart literally swells for u honey😍😍😍❤❤