Guys Like Us [Frerard AU]

Guys Like Us [Frerard AU]

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Cabin camps suck.

The beds are like sleeping on cardboard, the food tastes like feet, and the camp itself is the epitome of dirtiness. Unless you have a group of bubbly, happy-go-lucky friends, you're not going going to have a good time at a camp. 

Gerard Way doesn't have any of those types of people in life. In fact, Gerard Way doesn't exactly know what a true friend is without growing too close to them too quickly. Truthfully, he's just a stereotypical, awkward teenage boy to begin with. 

His school is having a week long cabin camp, and Gerard's grandmother is forcing him to go to it. Without a group of friends like the other kids at school, this probably a worse case scenario for Gerard. On the bright side, there was a boy listed in his cabin named Frank Iero, and he magically makes Gerard happy. 

What's the worst that could happen?

demolitionxlovers demolitionxlovers 2 days ago
smoking is really bad but gerard and frank make smoking look hot as frick
W h y   i s   n o o n e   t a l k i n g   a b o u t   t h i s ? !